Saturday, September 6, 2008

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The White Sox won in 15. I'm just throwing that out there because it seems important the way the announcers are going on. Thome hit the game-winning HR to put the Sox up 7-6 over the Angels. Very intriguing game between two potential AL Champs.

The Cards won in 9, thank you, which is a much better way to do it if you ask me (nobody ever asks me). Yadi was my hero for this game. He makes it look soooo easy, doesn't he? I have big plans for him.

After missing the first inning-and-a-half (thank you, KSDK), I glued myself to the tv for the rest of the game and was quite happily rewarded. You know, the blow-out games can be fun and certainly I would never complain, but there's something extra special about the close ones. The excitement and stress make the win that much more satisfying in the end.

Pie for Albert.
Brownies for Flores and Franklin.
Eight-course meal for Wellemeyer. Plus dessert for the single.
Am I forgetting anyone?

ps--pitching duel in Milwaukee tonight and quite the opposite between the Cubs and Reds.

The Brewers and Pads played over 1 run (with the Brew Crew coming out on top) and Chicago and Cincy split 23 (with Chi-town getting the win).

Chicago's bullpen gave up 7 runs, Cincinnati's 'pen gave up 9.

Sheets and Peavy were pretty evenly matched with the exception of that one run--a 2-out RBI double from Fielder.