Sunday, September 7, 2008

wish list

Josh Johnson. Maybe a pipe dream ('cause if I were the Marlins I wouldn't let him go), but I wish it nonetheless. (Update: signed a one-year deal to start for the Marlins in '09)

AJ Burnett. I think if we begged enough (and maybe threw in a few dollars) he'd be happy to come to STL. (Update: signed a pretty big contract with the Yankees)

Brian Fuentes. A lefty and a late-innings guy. Can you beat that? (Update: Too expensive, too specialized and too biased towards his home-town team)

Cole Hamels. Yeah, I know. I can still dream, though, right? (Update: Ha ha)

Jason Isringhausen.

Anybody from the left side. (Update: I guess this qualifies.)

The 1987 version of Ozzie Smith.

Carlos Zambrano.

Andy Pettitte.