Saturday, September 27, 2008

what do the numbers really mean?

Three triples last night.


That's right. Three. And one of them off the bat of the pitcher. Who has a problem with the pitcher in the 8-hole? Not I.

Speaking of which, there was some more discussion of the Tony-rific lineup last night, and the final conclusion that was drawn was that it is neither better nor worse than batting the pitcher ninth. The difference, may I point out, is that while other teams have started putting their power guy in the clean-up spot to get more runs in, we're doing the same thing, only we're not sacrificing any of Albert's at-bats.

At least that's the theory. I dug up some numbers, but what I ended up with was that Albert has actually had fewer AB/game than many of his counterparts.

It's entirely possible that this means nothing, and it doesn't matter because Tony will continue to put the pitcher in the penultimate spot in the lineup anyway, but it of kind puts a crimp in my defense of the skipper.

[Mere minutes after I wrote this, I found this. Go figure.]

If I were to go a different direction with this post, I'd point out that Kennedy seems to have taken on the wait-till-the-last-minute approach to batting average and slugging percentage. I've tried that approach with various things throughout life and generally have found that all it gets you is a headache. Maybe it'll work out better for Adam.

There's a rumor that Jim Hayes is going to get shaved during the telecast tonight.