Saturday, September 6, 2008


I don't usually have much to complain about when it comes to the television coverage of my beloved Cardinals. The games are broadcast either on the ever-dependable FSN Midwest, Big Fox (when it tickles them), ESPN (if I've been very, very bad), or KSDK channel 5. 

Unfortunately, this afternoon, when I flipped over to channel 5 to see the game, I found not baseball, not some other STL-based sport, not even some half-ret***ed important weather warning. 

I found Notre Dame football. 

Yes, right here in the heart of Cardinal Nation, Irish football took precedence over a Cardinals game. And I was mercilessly subjected to it as I none-to-patiently awaited the game. 

In fact, I got to watch the entire last four regulation minutes of the blasted football game, plus a wonderfully touching post-game interview with the QB in which some idiot woman asked him question after question without considering for a second where her microphone was located resulting in a lot of "what?"s and "huh?"s from the interviewee. 

And when they finally found it in their hearts to switch to the baseball game, an inning and a half had elaspsed and the Redbirds were up 2-0. Not that I'm complaining about the score, rather the fact that I didn't even get to see Albert's 427-foot home run following a Troy Glaus walk. I was instead watching the idiot woman and her idiot crew.... 

but I'm not a bit bitter about it.