Friday, September 19, 2008

the friendly confines

Kelvin Jimenez is a terrible pitcher. He's just not good. Can we all finally agree on that? Seriously, if your team is ahead by 10 (and then by 6 after you give up some late-inning goods) and you get pulled with only one out left to record, how do you look at yourself in the mirror? I mean, with a six-run margin, how many bad pitchers get left out there? But not you. You're not even as good as bad. You're awful. Dreadful. Shockingly, upsettingly worthless.

Adam Kennedy really wants to play somewhere else and he was showing the scouts what he's made of today. That's perfectly all right with me, because the better he plays, the higher his trade value. I wonder where he'll end up...

It would also be fine with me if Chicago played like they did again tomorrow and Sunday. Especially if Milwaukee keeps losing and New York actually does get abducted by aliens. But I'm not getting my hopes back up, I just enjoy watching our rivals get dismantled.

I love the Cardinals, I realize that our playoff hopes have all but vanished, and I know that my role as a St Louis fan now becomes that of rooting against our much-hated and long-time rivals (yes, the Cubs, duh). However, if there were one player in the Chicago organization that I would love to see earn a World Series ring, it's Big Z. I love his energy, his sense of humor, and especially his arm. The rest of the team can wait another hundred years as far as I'm concerned, but Zambrano is too good a pitcher not to make it to the October Classic. S'pose there's any chance he'll get traded to the Angels or Dodgers or Phillies this week? Yeah, I was afraid of that.