Sunday, September 7, 2008

don't quit your day job, boog

Brendan Ryan put on his press hat (literally--it was a brown fedora with a press card stuck in the rim) and went one-on-one with fellow Cardinal Todd Wellemeyer.

Welley likes Skittles better than Twix, has raised a plant (but no cacti), and would be "a dog that likes to have fun" if he had to pick a dog to be. He also likes rainbows but did not appreciate BR's unpreparedness for the interview. "Isis" may or may not be backwards for something. Oh, and his first-born would be named Leon.

If you missed the remarkable interview, I'd advise you to start watching the FSN pre-game shows. This was one for the ages.

Sometimes I wonder if an hour is just a little bit too long for these guys.

ps--I'll be keeping my eye on this Josh Johnson character because he sounds like he could fit in really well with our pitching staff. Just a thought.