Thursday, September 11, 2008

it's only natural

I was reading Joe Sports Fan and came across this:

"It looks possible now -- likely, even -- that the Red Sox and Yankees will play their first meaningless games in a few centuries when they meet at Fenway for the last three games of the season." – Peter King

Centuries? As in hundreds of years and not one meaningless game? Contrary to the way the media would like to portray it, the Red Sox and Yankees haven't been dominant every single year in their histories. Stick to Favre-ball, King.

And it reminded me of something (else) I heard on the radio today (yes, I spend too much time driving and Team 1380 is about the best thing to listen to). Bernie and Jay, Jr. were talking about the Rays and the BoSox and the (eternal) question came up about who would end up winning the division, and one of the guys (they kind of run together sometimes) said (and I'm paraphrasing), "Oh, it'll be the Red Sox. Nature will take its course."

I'm sorry, what?

And he was serious.

Is it just "nature taking its course" for Boston to win the division? Is that the end-all of the AL? That Boston will come out on top and the Rays will slink back into the murky depths whence they came?

I think the brainwashing is working...