Thursday, September 11, 2008


(She's still not here.)

The Brewers and Phillies need to split this upcoming series, obviously.

The Astros need to calm down a little, obviously.

The Cubs (after they lose tonight) need to sweep Houston. Yes, I know that means they'll probably end up with the division title, but that seems inevitable anyway, so they could give us a hand and slow down the 'Stros while they're at it. Then they need to throttle Milwaukee, have a pre-emptive celebration, get drunk and forget they have a series against the 'Birds (maybe even forget to show up), and then do whatever the hell they want for the rest of the season.

Nuestros pensamientos están contigo, Yadi. Ted Lilly maybe didn't need to slam him quite so hard, but as a Chris Duncan-slide fan I can't really complain.

What was Looper doing with that ball up and in?!?! Does he think he's Kyle Lohse? I felt bad for him after Yadi went out there and scolded him (or whatever). Good for him, though, protecting his catcher. I wonder if he remembered he was up first in the bottom of the inning.