Saturday, September 13, 2008

thin ice

I'm about two games like last night away from abandoning my possibly-misplaced belief that this team still has any kind of remote chance at winning the wild card this year. I hate to be negative (really I do) but you can't play like that and expect anything good to happen.

Houston was creamed last night in a disaster that had nothing to do with baseball. You know what I don't understand about hurricanes?... Why people don't evacuate. I'm not saying that everyone should have the good sense to get out when they can, because I realize that there are extenuating circumstances. I also realize that evacuating is more than just putting some things in a car and driving until you get somewhere safe. There are things you have you take care of at home. There are pets and family members to worry about. There are valuables and mementos you can't leave behind. There are decisions to be made. There is also the task of figuring out where to go. Where are the shelters? Will you have to sleep in the car? I've never done it, but I can imagine the stress and fear and confusion. What I don't understand is the absolute inability of people to do anything. People who wait to see what happens. People who would rather risk the weather than have to pack up and leave. People who put others at risk by staying and then calling for help when it really is as bad as they said it would be. People who have to be plucked off their rooftops when the water rises that high. Especially when it's not just a handful of people but the majority of residents. Why do people abandon their good sense when things get bad? I wonder, too, how many of those residents were scratching their heads about people who didn't evacuate New Orleans before Katrina hit. And now here they are in the same situation. I choose to believe that if a natural disaster threatened my town I would not hesitate to find a safe place to go.

Okay, back down off the soapbox, but I don't want to talk about the Cards. They will pull out of this tailspin, I just hope they do it before it's too late.