Monday, September 1, 2008

baseball à la mode

I guess I'd better start baking. If you'd asked to me to list the players I thought might really like pie, Yadi and Mather would have made that list. Albert seems like more the cake type. Lopez, well, I never... Come on, guys! All I need to know now is what flavors. Apple is my favorite. I have a freezer full of blueberries, peaches (fresh from the tree my sister planted), and blackberries. Of course, there are also a variety of cream pies, pumpkin or sweet potato pies, minced meat pies (not my favorite), and chicken pot pies. I can make a fish pie, but I'd prefer not to. Shepard's pie is good too, and then of course there's always a traditional English steak and kidney pie. If you want to stretch it even further, I can make pizza pie. Just so you know, I am an expert at crusts, and I refuse to put any canned, jarred, or otherwise preserved fruit in a pie. What I use is either fresh or frozen, and always good. When I promised pies to the Cards, I meant only the best. So let's keep it going, boys. Too bad four homers weren't enough to win it. In happier news, Philadelphia, Milwuakee, and Chicago all lost as well. p.s.--I think I'll make a pie for Villone, too, for the passion he showed in the seventh.