Sunday, September 28, 2008

the news is getting sparse

Albert is my MVP. He is the Cardinals' MVP. He truly is the National League MVP, but I refuse to get my hopes up that any of the voters will recognize this because I don't need the let-down. It's Albert's fault anyway. He's too good.

He reached 100 runs scored last night, and also took back over the team lead for HRs. Sheesh. That puts him at 100+ RBI, 100+ RS, 30+ HR for 8 straight years (except for last year when he missed RS by 1--he had 99--but I still count it). What a freak.

Now we just need Glaus to drive in two more and he'll have 100 RBI.

This made me smile:

Flores won't miss any time in 2009

That's rather optimistic, no?

Anyway, the story struck me because it sounds so familiar.

There's nothing wrong with Izzy.

Mulder will be ready to go in 2008.

Clement will be ready to go in May.

Carp will join the 'Birds after an extended Spring Training.

We've listened to a lot of BS from the front office over the course of the season, and it looks like they're getting an early jump on the BS for next year.

Not that it matters. Flores certainly isn't one of the players I'm counting on to save the team in '09.

I've decided to start watching hockey this year. I say this every year, just so you know, but this time I really mean it. Really.

I'm interested in hockey. I enjoy listening to the announcers pronounce the names (which are inevitably French and weird). I like watching grown men slip and slide aboot the ice, trying to get some traction with their skates as they rip at each other's jerseys and throw punches. I like thinking of other things that might be more interesting if the participants had to wear 150 pounds of equipment and ice skates. I like hockey fans with their obscenities and enthusiasm. Besides which, we've got a hockey team that has some real promise (as I understand it), even without Erik Johnson, eh.

Finally, in other St Louis sports news, there's been more strife at Rams camp. Marc Bulger got benched. Afterward, he apparently said some none-too-friendly things about "Coach" Linehan, although I got the feeling he didn't say anything that was supposed to get to the media. Marc's such a low-key guy that it's hard to imagine him getting mad, but honestly, I get the feeling that none of the players like Linehan, and maybe it's just a mounting situation that got out of hand. (Actually, I often question whether the whole disastrous season--all three games, as it were--is just the players showing their contempt for Linehan.)

Steven Jackson defended Bulger and added to the criticsm of Linehan (and I have no doubt that he had every intention of the media picking up on his comments). Torry Holt apologized to Bulger for the lack of offense (like anybody blames Holt). Linehan said he would "talk with" Jackson and Bulger. What will he say? "Um, I know we've had our rough patches, but I don't know what I did to make you say those mean things..." Then he'll cry.

TrINT Green will start Sunday. Predictions: The Rams will lose to the Bills. It will be ugly. Linehan will be relieved of his duties. He'll cry some more.