Thursday, September 11, 2008

TGTIF (thank god TOMORROW is friday)

Okay, middle of the week is brutal this semester so I'm not afforded much opportunity to express my baseball-related thoughts, but since I have about half an hour (as I wait for someone) I'll give it a quick go. 

How HUGE was Motte Tuesday night? Good grief, Charlie Brown! Talk about a hold. That was phenomenal. Massive. Obscene. And then again last night after our precious lefty threw four straight balls (maybe someone should explain to him what a LOOGY does), Jason came in and wiped up the mound. Uf. 

Albert is a god. But that's not news. 

Troy Glaus is hurt. Okay, so they keep talking about this on the radio and I must confess that I'm utterly confused. Bernie Miklasz is too. Either Troy's got a small tear, he has structural damage, he's just sore from sleeping on it wrong, or he's fine and this is just a disgusting attempt to keep Troy out of the lineup against a Cubs rotation that he has not fared well against. 

The first comes from Bernie. The second is from bizarro world (because Troy claims there's NO structural damage and in bizarro world you say the opposite of what you mean). The third and fourth are straight out of my own brain, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're wrong. Just probably. 

Will we see him back in the lineup on the road trip? 

Is he done for the year? 

Can I see the MRI report? 

 Brendan Ryan put on Skip Schumaker's jersey by accident the other day. Or maybe he was trying to increase his playing time by confusing Tony. Or maybe he heard the speculation that he might play in CF and he's showing his support for the idea. Or maybe, oh hell, he makes me smile... 

Someone has been calling Cardinals players on their unlisted cell phones. I wish I had more for you, but the rain interferred with my reception in the car this morning and I only heard about every tenth sentence from Jim Hayes. Sounds like Wainwright and Perez and possibly Motte have gotten unsolicited calls from strangers and the number-giver-outer might be a producer on Cat's radio show. Please don't take any of this too seriously. 

Why (and I've said this before) does it seem like every time there's a clutch situation with important runs needed, there's a rookie at the plate? Maybe it's because when there's a clutch situation and a veteran is at the plate they get something done. Why was Phelps in left anyway? I'd much rather see Stavinoha. 

So, just a thought, but being up there in a pressure spot with 2 out in the bottom of the ninth and the team down one run and Josh pops out to end the game, well let's just say I hope he didn't kill himself last night. 

And quickly, as I run out of time... 

Where did the Astros come from? 

Ned Yost couldn't manage a ham sandwich. 

Go Reds!