Monday, September 29, 2008

a big step forward

4 years, baby! 

That's the kind of commitment I like. 

If you hadn't heard, Kyle Lohse pledged to love, honor, and obey Tony LaRussa every fifth day for the next four years, forsaking all others, until one of them outlives their usefulness. It's been speculated that it could be around $48 million which would probably start at $10 million for next year. The details are still a little sketchy, but I'll be keeping on top of it. (Yeah, I missed the press conference. How's that for vigilance?) 

Immediate update (you like that?) : $41 million / 4 years / full, no-trade protection for Lohse $7,125,000 in 2009, $8,875,000 in 2010 and $11,875,000 in 2011, 2012 I definitely get the feeling that the fact that he liked it in STL and liked the pitching staff had a big impact on this contract. 

The NLDS will feature the Cubs hosting the Dodgers and the Phillies hosting the Brewers.

I'm going with the Dodgers and the Phils. Unfortunately, if I were to be really, really realistic, I'd have to go with the Cubs and the Phillies. And to take it one step further, I can see the Cubs in the World Series. Whether they can beat the Angels (yes, the Angels) is another story entirely. 

If Big Z can get his s*** together, it improves the Cubbies' chances by about three-fold. If he keeps giving up big runs and can't be counted on to pitch in the big series, then I see the Angels taking it in four straight. Not that Zambrano is their best pitcher strictly speaking, but he's kind of a leader on the team and I don't see them making the stretch without him. Plus, I don't want them to win, and I don't even want them to win one game. My bias comes in the form of allowing them one win IF it's Carlos' day to pitch. 

In other words, I'll give Zambrano one win, but the rest of the Cubs can go suck a lemon.

Go Dodgers.