Saturday, August 9, 2008

you're right, I'm wrong

Did I say Glaus needed a day off? Tony offered him one, but Troy said he wanted to play. Was it just the push he needed? Or was Troy just tired of hearing about his 0 for 29 streak against the Cubs? (I know I was.) Well, something worked. Fourth inning: 2-run home run. Fifth inning: 3-run home run. I'll say no more, because the game isn't actually over, but be sure to check back for all my mildly interesting and completely random thoughts about the game in its entirety. Just a side note on Glaus, because as I was watching the game on Big Fox, the idiot... I mean astute announcers mentioned something about Troy being in the race for the Gold Glove this year... 

Here are his fielding stats (compared to NL starting third-basemen) thanks to Baseball-Reference: As of the end of play August 8 

►109 games started 

4 errors (T-1st) 

212 assists (1st) 

►75 put-outs (3rd) 

►22 double plays (2nd) 

.986 fielding percentage (1st) 

Plus, he's batting .267 (.271 if you count the three hits today) with 19 home runs (21 if you count the two today) and 74 RBI (79 if you count the five today). 

He also has 28 doubles, a triple, and 64 walks (compared to 80 strike-outs). His on-base percentage is .367 and he's slugging .476 (and you can do your own math on that one if you want to figure in 8 bases from today).