Friday, August 8, 2008

opportunities squandered

Jim Edmonds had something to prove and he proved it. He went deep twice off Looper. The good news is that the one time he had a baserunner in front of him, he hit into a double play. He stared into the Cardinals dugout on his way past after hitting the first long ball, but Tony swears he wasn't paying attention and couldn't care less even if he had noticed the blatant gesture directed primarily toward him. Their relationship seems to have deteriorated just a tad. It's too bad, really, because by all accounts they were fairly close when Jimmy was wearing the birds on the bat. I still like Edmonds and try to keep up with what's he's up to, but I sure like him a lot better when he's not hitting home runs against us. 

Ryan Franklin's squirrel was apparently asleep during Frankie's second inning of work. He (Franklin, not the squirrel) loaded the bases and then Izturis couldn't quite reach a line drive right over his head. The bullpen looked good otherwise, though. Pérez went for the second day in a row after being recalled from Memphis, and he's looking more and more like a potential closer. I know Tony says he wants to go the collective route, but if you've got a guy who can get the job done, why not use him? As far as I'm concerned, anything is better than Franklin (even with the squirrel) and I absolutely don't want to see Wainwright pitching out of the 'pen, although they rarely ask me and even more rarely listen. 

The Cards stranded seven, and Troy Glaus stranded five all by himself. He's now 0 for 4,208,665 all-time against the Cubs. His last hit against them was in his dreams, and even then it was only a bloop infield single that he just barely ran out. Maybe tomorrow would be a good day for him to get a day off. (Like that's going to happen....) Izturis went two for three (including a double) and stole two bases today, and was 6 for 12 with an RBI in the series against the Dodgers (that's .500 for those who are really bad at math). I can't help but wonder if the acquisition of López hasn't inspired César to fight a little harder for playing time, but I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Whatever the cause, it's good to see him producing offensively. Will this series define the season for the Redbirds? The end is in sight, Cards fans, and if you've got a lucky rabbit's foot in the back of the closet that you forgot about until just now, DIG IT OUT... We've got some Cubbies to crush.