Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yadi's game

I take back everything I ever said (or thought) about the bullpen. 

Kyle McClellan and Chris Pérez were awesome (yes, awesome) last night. It just goes to show how important a strong (deep) start from the rotation is. When they're rested, they're better. 

Of course, Yadi deserves just as much (if not more) credit. He gave us the lead with a 2-run shot, and threw out two would-be base-stealers (one of them in a very key spot leading off the bottom of the ninth). He also guided his pitchers (including Piñeiro who had never faced the Fish before) through nine stellar innings of work. 

He's just so amazing begind the plate that I think we take him for granted as much as we do Albert.

Derrick Goold pointed out that "Piñeiro couldn't remember shaking off Molina's called pitch once."

La Russa agreed. "Mostly the catcher had just a huge game. Star of the game for me."

And Dave Duncan remarked that Molina "gave [McClellan] direction at a critical point in the game," when he called for the fastball that got Willingham on the inside corner for a called third strike.

I also take back (conditionally) everything I've said about Piñeiro. He had his good stuff last night and was able to go a full seven innings (with only one earned run allowed). Besides the fact that he didn't dig us into a hole we couldn't escape, he was able to last long enough to save a couple of relievers from having to pitch. And to be honest, no knocks against the Marlins, they're every bit as good as the Cards and it wasn't just a rollover'em win. We actually had to work for it.

Ankiel was back in the lineup. (Heh heh.) 

I loved the post-game interview with Brent... 

If Mac hadn't been able to pitch around a runner at third with nobody out, Rick probably wouldn't have been laughing (much less talking to reporters) about the (double) error he committed in left field. It's true he doesn't usually play LF, and he had very recently commented that he finds center to be the easiest of the three outfield positions for him to play. Of course, two weeks off may also have affected his coordination. And as Brent so politely pointed out, it wasn't an easy play. (I think he felt bad for mentioning it at all.)

Albert struck-out THREE TIMES. I don't even think I need to elaborate on that one. THREE TIMES. No matter what else happens in a game, a team can feel pretty damn good about doing that to Sir Albert.

Carp was pulled from Sunday's game against the Cubs after 5-1/3 because of some pain in his pitching arm. The team reports make it sound insignificant, but Carp is headed back to STL to see the doctor anyway. Hopefully he'll back with the team before his next scheduled start.