Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the end of an era?

Tony said this about Izzy, "I told him to get the thing fixed and plan on pitching next year." 

Poor Jason. I wish the season could have ended differently for him. I wish Cardinal Nation had been more understanding when he wasn't pitching his best. I wish we could have gotten him 7 more saves. 

Maybe Tony's optimism means we shouldn't discount seeing Izzy in a Redbirds uniform next season. He has done such a good job (when he's healthy) as a reliever that it would be a real tragedy for him to go out on a bad note instead of with the ovations and applause that we know he deserves. 

I'm already calling on the organization to retire #44, just not quite yet. 

In other news, Wainwright will be back in the rotation on Friday. I guess this means we shouldn't expect to see Carp for a while. Adam sounds chipper and hopeful and healthy. 

The issue with Kyle Lohse and a five-game suspension has me completely dumbfounded. I totally wasn't expecting it, mostly because you usually only see suspensions after ejections, and there was no ejection (and if there had been it would have to have been an ejection of Volquez rather than Lohse). So the fine and 5-game penalty was kind of shocking. Kyle called it "pretty weak" and I'm inclined to agree. Especially considering that Volquez received no punishment even though he put two pitches close to batters' heads and hit Lopez in the back. What a load of manure. I'm glad he's appealed it and I hope they repeal the suspension.