Thursday, August 28, 2008

like it never happened

Oh, wow. 
So much has happened. The Cards lost. The Cards won. Albert got angry and then he got even. I figure this was a good lesson for the Brewers (and most particularly Carlos Villanueva) who split the series with the Redbirds. The lesson: Don't F*** with Albert. Don't F*** with us. And definitely don't do it in Spanish.

I have a small confession to make. I turned it off after the seventh inning last night. Oh sure, I watched every excruciating out the night before, but I gave up on this one and went to bed after Mather popped up with the bases loaded to end the inning. Don't say it, I'll "shaaaaame" myself. I missed the attitude from the reliever, I missed the adjustment from Albert, I missed the 4-run come-from-behind, and most importantly, I missed Troy Glaus finally getting a hit in this series.

You know what the difference between a 12-run win and a 2-run win is? Go ahead, say it... Nothing. So brow beat us all you want, we don't lay down for anyone, and no way in hell do we make this easy for the Bloated Brewers.

Ryan Braun, after the beat-down the Brewers gave us on Tuesday, had a few comments of his own about differences.

The difference between a good team and a great team is being content and getting a win today and coming out flat tomorrow — or coming out tomorrow and really trying to do everything we can to get that victory. The great teams come out and find a way to send a message and win that game tomorrow.

So, Ryan, what does that make your team? That's what I thought. For future reference, you might not want to make such bold statements until after you win the game. It tends to send the wrong message if you can't follow through, and Prince Fielder might shove you into your locker.

Anyway, a split is not ideal, but it's better than a sweep, and the season is FAR from over. Damn this game and its hypnotizing effects on me...