Wednesday, August 20, 2008

small snippets of a conversation with myself

Here's what I know for sure...
(1) The team that lost to the Bucs last night will not get anywhere near the playoffs.
Whoever that team was...

Do I mean I don't think it was the Cardinals? Besides the ugly, ugly misplays by Molina, nothing seemed too far out of the ordinary. Looper gave them every chance. The bullpen gave up important runs. The offense was nowhere to be found (at least until the ninth inning).
Oh, and you can't really blame Barton for swinging through that pitch.
So if it wasn't the Cardinals, then it hasn't been the Cardinals all year.

In defense of my statements, they were playing the Pirates. And that game was revolting. In fact, so bad that I actually considered turning it off.

(2) Whatever else happens this season, they have got to start playing better at home.


(3) I still love Yadi.

No one can be perfect every game, but where was his head?

Not that he carries all the blame. If Mac hadn't kept putting runners on, there wouldn't have been a play (or lackthereof) at the plate. And likewise, if Yadi had thrown to first to get the sure out, Kyle may have been able to pitch out of it.

(4) There was no justice for a pitcher who went seven and only gave up one run.
Looper has been pretty good his last three or four outings. When Miles came up in the bottom of the seventh to pinch hit, I was yelling so loud it's entirely possible Tony actually heard me. Unfortunately, he didn't listen. "Noooo!" I screamed. "Leave Looper in! Let him hit for himself!" But to no avail.

(5) As heart-breaking as the loss was last night, losing Izzy will prove to be a far more devastating loss.
And I don't want to hear a single negative word about it. Izzy is a trooper. He's an excellent pitcher, teammate, and mentor, and the Cards won't be the same without him.

The worst part: his contract is up after this year. What will the future hold for Jason?