Saturday, August 23, 2008

a whopper

18 runs, 26 hits, and not a single home run. Who'dathunk?

Yesterday was my favorite kind of day... I went shopping in the morning, the Cubs lost after lunch, and the Cards won before bedtime. I slept well last night.

And they didn't just win, either, they slaughtered the Braves. It was pure punishment, and I loved every second of it. I was a little worried about Lopez there for a minute, but he redeemed himself before it was all over.

I didn't initially understand putting Joel in for the last three innings, because I figured he could still get slotted into the rotation if he was fresh, but I sorted it out. With all the off-days, it makes sense to let Wainwright and Lohse go every four games because they'll still get five days of rest. And honestly, Piñeiro is our weakest pitcher right now, so he draws the short straw if someone's getting skipped. This way he gets some work closing out the game without having to extend the order.

Hopefully, this will inspire them to play hard again today instead of, say, slacking off. Maybe I shouldn't even think it...