Saturday, August 2, 2008

a few notes

What's new? 

►Chris Duncan (as I may have mentioned) will have surgery tomorrow to try and repair a herniated disc in his neck. You're in my thoughts, Chris.
Symbiotic relationship?
►Izzy pitched a four-out save last night. He's up to 293 now. 

Ryan Franklin has some sort of growth on his face (mostly around his mouth and chin) that could well be controlling him. He and the growth pitched out of a jam in the top of the ninth tonight to keep the Phillies to a one-run lead.
►The Cardinals released Matt Clement today. I wondered for a while if anybody even remembered he was around, and now I guess I have my answer. Apparently, he couldn't get his sinker down and was just generally a disappointment. Now there's room on the roster for someone more productive. 

►Wainwright (I refuse to call him Wain-o no matter what you do to me) pitched around eighty pitches at 100 percent today and said he felt great afterward. His "In My Own Words" segment is on FSN right now. 

►Ludwick has three home runs in the last two games. 

►Glaus is cold. Ice cold. But he can still draw walks. 

►I can't wait to see Manny Ramirez in the next series. I like Manny even if Rick Horton does too.