Monday, August 4, 2008

pass around the happy

Trying (as usual) to stay positive in the face of a heartbreaking loss is not easy. 

Todd Wellemeyer pitched a gem. He went a full 6 innings and only gave up one run on four hits. Unfortunately, he didn't get to notch another win in his belt, but he definitely earned himself a second look as far as staying in the rotation when Wainwright comes back. He struck-out three, walked only one, and dropped his ERA about a tenth of a point. If it hadn't been for the (cough) bullpen... 

Glaus (VOTE for him for the Pepsi clutch performer of July) went two for four with two RBI, and he did his best in the bottom of the ninth. Too bad he wasn't up third or fourth. That really would have been clutch. He's up to 19 homers, 74 ribbies, and batting .273. Beyond that, he's slugging .489 and on-base .373. 

Ludwick hit his fourth home run in three games and now sits atop the Cardinals' home run leader list with 27. He's batting .306 with 78 RBI, and he's slugging .614. (He's NL player of the week for last week!) 

Ryan Franklin set the batters down in order in the top of the ninth. He threw 10 pitches, seven of them for strikes. (I still think the squirrel he's got super-glued to his face is helping by telling him what pitches to throw, but as long as something's working I have no complaints.) 

There are still 48 games left, which is plenty of time for the Cubs to fall apart, the Brewers to remember they're the Brewers, and the Cardinals to reclaim the division title.