Friday, August 15, 2008


Carp was DLed this afternoon... mere minutes after I speculated that he would be able to make his next start. 


Brian Barton was activated. Basically this means that our bench has lengthened to five guys and yet we still have a sufficient bullpen. 

Ah well. I'd rather see Carp healthy in 2009 than risk another serious injury. Besides which, we've made it this far without him, we can make it a little farther. 

Todd Wellemeyer likes garlic bread. But then, who doesn't? 

Finally (and then I promise I'll let it go), instant replay is a terrible idea. Oh sure, in its purest form it might help umpires get home run calls right or judge fan interference, but when has anything like this ever kept its virtue intact? It will be twisted and mangled and pounded and harassed until it isn't even recognizable anymore, and then it will destroy baseball. 

Mark my words, we will regret this decision. But if it is inevitable (as so many believe), why must it interrupt August? Why in the name of Ruth can't they wait and work out the kinks and implement it first thing next season? What is the rush? Selig even commented, "I want to make sure that if and when we do it, it's really good, it's perfect." Wouldn't it make more sense then, to start it at the beginning of the year? Sheesh.