Sunday, April 27, 2008

it's just something in my eye

I have terrible seasonal allergies (and by seasonal, I mean spring, summer, fall, and winter), so I can totally sympathize with Glaus. I was reading Derrick Goold's latest blog, and I wanted to address a few things. 

Glaus said he has never had allergies before, and he’s wondering if there might be another cause. 

Welcome to MO, Troy. You could be the healthiest person in the known universe, and April in the show-me state would have you coughing and sneezing and cursing the lawnmowers.

La Russa said the watery eyes only bother Glaus at the plate, and that he hasn’t had the trouble anywhere but the plate. 

Not being a baseball player, I can only speculate, but I would say that batting requires a lot more visual concentration than anything else. So he's standing there staring at the pitcher, probably not blinking a lot, not moving his head a lot, and trying very hard to see the ball. Doesn't it make sense then, that a little irritation that didn't bother him any other time might cause him some serious distress at the plate. 

By Monday, he hopes to have a pair of clear glasses — like sunglasses with clear lenses — to wear at the plate. 

We'll see. Just an after-thought, but maybe the lights are only exacerbating the problem. I wonder if actual sunglasses wouldn't help, although they probably wouldn't help him see the ball any, huh?