Saturday, April 19, 2008

he took something off it

Well, Glaus finally got that hit he's been searching for, the one with runners in scoring position. Hopefully this will take some of the pressure off and he'll start swinging better.

The other really important thing that I think we can all take away from this game was that the Cardinals didn't let a hard loss yesterday put them into some kind of inescapable swirling vortex of bad games. They came out with a clean slate and played like it was the first game of the series instead of the game after they gave one away in extra innings. Good sign? You bet.

Wellemeyer went 7 for, I think, the first time ever? (Randy, check those stats for me, will ya?)

My favorite part of the game, though, had to be watching Threets TRY to intentionally walk LaRue. I was actually chuckling. But it wasn't because he was having such a hard time, it was Benji Molina's reaction to it. Damn but he was unhappy. And then the next inning the Giants had a new catcher... but I'm SURE it was only because Molina needed rest before the day game today, right?

(I'm still laughing thinking about how hard he threw that ball back to him. Oh, good stuff.)

And I gotta say, after watching Benji run the bases last night, I'm suddenly slightly more impressed with Yadi's base-running abilities. If you tivo-ed it, go back and watch and imagine he's underwater. It works, te aseguro.

On a side note: How great was it to hear Chris Carpenter talk to Jim Hayes about pitching?!?! I cannot WAIT to see him back on the mound for the Cards. Mulder either, but after what happened with him last season, I'm hesitant to get my hopes up. I'll just say this... the '09 All Star game is going to be played at Busch and it'd be nice to have those guys back and healthy for it. Anything sooner would just be sprinkles. (Or gravy. Whatever you like.)