Monday, April 28, 2008

my thought(s) on "jock itch Rocket" Clemens

I find all the controversy surrounding Roger "the Rocket" Clemens highly amusing. I watched bits and pieces of his testimony to Congress, and the fact that I didn't (and couldn't) believe a word he said does not mean I care one way or the other whether he's convicted of perjury or stupidity or whatever it is they want to convict him of.

I don't care if he used steroids or HGH.

I don't care if he ever admits it.

I don't care if he corners McNamee in a dark alley and violates him with a pool cue.

And I sure as hell don't care if he cheated on his plastic wife with a plastic country singer (ed. note: may she rest in peace). All I care about is the fact that he made a mockery of baseball, not by allegedly using performance-enhancing substances (or having his arm replaced with a bionic arm, or whatever), but by "retiring" from the game and then sitting around waiting for the highest bidder to lure him back to the mound.

I am well aware that baseball is a business for the owners and a job for the players, but it's much more than that for the fans.

For us, it's an art. It's an escape from the grind. It's an American tradition. And maybe most importantly, it's 25 guys getting the chance to do something the rest of us can only dream about. So forgive me if I'm offended that someone lucky enough to be a part of that could ever sell out so unashamedly. Roger Clemens may be a lot of things to a lot of people, but to me he'll never be anything but an arrogant pendejo who doesn't deserve a second thought.