Monday, April 28, 2008


Glaus is sporting some new, very cool shades for the game tonight. Let's see how they help. . .

►first AB--flied out to center (or was it right?) He saw the ball well enough to make contact (big smile). His problem with night games at Busch up to this point has been striking out because he can't see the ball.

►second AB
--hit a looong line drive that was just foul, then walked in an RBI. Not wearing the glasses (or, try this out, "glaus-es") for this AB.

►third AB
--flied out again, still no glaus-es. He likes to chase those high ones, eh?

►fourth AB
--line drive base hit to deep left (which could have been a double if Dumm hadn't been playing so deep). STILL no glaus-es.

Well, that's 1 for 3 (.333) if you're keeping score, but the 1 was without the glauses. So unfortunately, no real conclusions can be drawn. We'll have to wait and see if he uses them for the next night game. And yes, I'll stop calling them that.