Friday, April 25, 2008

that's why you're not supposed to lose to the Bucs

Joel Piñeiro, ladies and gentlemen! Just call him "The Amazing." 

For a second there I thought I was watching soccer, the way he bounced that ball off his leg! (And then he caught it and I remembered it was baseball, but that's beside the point.) 

7 innings and he only gave up 1 run while collecting 6Ks. 

Of course, I'm still waiting for him to hit his first home run, but I guess not all our pitchers can be Adam Wainwright. 

I guess if you're a Pirates fan it just wasn't your night. How do you pitch a no-hitter if you're a mediocre left-hander playing in front of a defense that can't handle the ground balls? Easy, just walk 'em all. Right, Gorzelanny?