Saturday, April 12, 2008

if only I could see you

What a game to have to listen to on the radio. I was staring down the stereo (that rhymes! sorry), and trying so hard to picture the plays and the players in my head, but it's just not the same. And on the very last out of the game, Mike Shannon was KILLING me with the play-by-play.

and it's hard hit to third, and Glaus is there, and he picks up the ball, and he makes the transfer, and he throws over to Albert, and he's got a little dirt on the left leg of his uniform, and there's a bug flying around the broadcast booth, and.... OH MY GOD, MIKE!!! DID HE GET THE OUT OR NOT?!?!?...

Well, turns out he did. Whew. 10 innings of torture. Thanks a lot, Fox. And tomorrow, Rick Horton and Jay Randolph. 

Somebody shoot me.