Thursday, April 17, 2008

no sweep for you

Put the brooms away, sports fans, unless you need them to clean up the broken shards of your hope for this game. 

For all his best efforts, Lohse gets a no-decision. Thompson gets the loss. LaRussa gets the heartburn. I get to watch the Office tonight and drink a beer. 

Once again, I did not actually see the game today, but I have it on tape. Will I watch? You get two guesses. Your choices are no and hell no. 

An extra-innings loss to Milwakee after a 3-0 lead and a(nother) tremendous start from Kyle Lohse makes me want to cry. (What a fabulous surprise HE's been.) And here's a carrot for those of you who listened to the game (and the pre-game) today on the radio: Osmosis, Mike? 

Well, at least the weather's nice.