Saturday, April 26, 2008

rain, rain, not so fast

Well, for a couple of innings I thought Chacón had taken a page out of the Gorzelanny play book. Too many walks to count (that's 8 if you're counting), and a defense that could NOT handle the ball. Yet we couldn't capitalize. 

You may not be surprised to hear this, but even though Izzy gave up 3 runs (including the winning run), gets the blown save and the loss, and just generally stunk up the place, I don't blame him--not for the loss anyway. Think about it, can you really expect to win a game if you strand ELEVEN runners? (Which comes to a grand total of 55 left on base in the last 5 games.) 

Troy Glaus came up with the bases loaded TWICE and struck out TWICE. Oh sure, he had something in his eye, but couldn't he have brought that to someone's attention before he picked up the bat? 

And I don't hold anything against Duncan, either. Sure, a base hit would have tied it, but even Albert came up short in this game. In fact, the only scoring the Redbirds did was on a should-have-been-called-an-error fielder's choice by Kennedy in the 1st after three walks loaded the bases. (I'm still working out how Kennedy got one RBI out of that. . . ) 

To look at this honestly, I'd have to say that the Cardinals lost this game without much help from the Astros. It just dead got away from them. And on the flip side, if they had won, it would have been because the Astros gave it away. In other words, neither team deserved a victory last night, but the Cards sure deserve this loss. Maybe a rain-out wouldn't have been such a bad thing.