Tuesday, April 1, 2008

About us... well, me.

Why I write this blog. Click here for my profile. I blog when there are other, more productive things I should be doing. I have gazillions of opinions about baseball and the Cardinals, and this is an easy way to get them out of my system without having to harass my friends and family. I watch every game (faithfully), even when things aren't going well. And if there happens to be something (like life) that gets in the way, I either tape the game and watch later (probably in the middle of the night) or watch the re-broadcast on FSN Midwest (thank you, Fox). My favorite players are Jason Isringhausen ("Izzy"), Chris Duncan ("Big-D"), and Yadier Molina ("Yadi" or "Mo-Mo"), but not necessarily in that order. If you read my blogs, you'd know that already. I am a Tony follower. I appreciate his forward-thinking and willingness to try new things (even if it might make waves in MLB). I also like the fact that he doesn't get too far ahead of himself. For example, there's no point in saving a reliever for the 10th inning if you can't get through the ninth still tied. (The late-inning antics of the 2007 All-Star game notwithstanding...) I think Cardinals' fans really are the best fans in baseball (this rational and convincing argument notwithstanding). We're not too finicky, we're not fair-weather, we're not mean-spirited, and we appreciate effort and heart above anything else. We'll gladly cheer for an opposing player who makes a spectacular play (unless it costs us the game, of course), and we'll always show love for players who have worn the birds on the bat, even if they come to Busch wearing the rival's uniform. Enough said.