Sunday, June 22, 2008

two outta three ain't bad

I'm trying to stay positive in the face of a heartbreaking 13-inning loss, but it's hard. 

Piñeiro was sharp. 

Our bullpen (with one glaring exception) looked terrific.

Izzy found his groove. Maybe he's on the path back to the place where he doesn't have to load the bases before striking out two in a row. 

Our offense faltered just a little, but if you really want to zero in on the play that defined the game, you have to go back to the "triple" (that was really an error) when Ankiel literally fell down on the job. If that catch gets made, the run doesn't score and the Cards don't have to play catch-up. 

My hero of the game: Adam Kennedy. He seems so much more at-home in AL ballparks. He drove in the run that put us back in a tie game, he made a couple of really important defensive plays, and tried to drive in the go-ahead run (when Duncan was tagged out at home plate). Well, we won the series. On to Detroit.