Sunday, June 15, 2008

another big blow

Espero que te recuperes rápidamente, Yadi, y que sepas cuánto te amo y te ama todo el Cardinal Nation.

Yadier Molina lay motionless at home plate while his teammates rushed toward him. Tony came out of the dug-out, and everyone froze when they realized that the catcher was hurt. Yadi had blocked the plate in the top of the ninth as Eric Bruntlett tried to score on a one-out ground ball to first. He and Bruntlett collided (hard) at the plate, but Yadi was able to apply the tag and hold on to the ball for the out. 

The entire stadium held its breath while Yadi was immobilized by the medics. Then, as he was driven to the outfield gates, chants of "Ya-di, Ya-di, Ya-di," could be heard through the applause. The game continued, and the Cardinals were able to pull out a 10th inning win, but every soul at Busch, fan and player alike, was praying and wishing for good news about our Yadi. 

My favorite line from Bernie Miklasz' article: "And when Molina wouldn't budge, that was the play of the summer, the play that told you all you needed to know about what drives the 2008 Cardinals." 

Tony said this about his catcher: "He got forearmed. It's a wonder he held on. We've seen him do it before. That baby smile (is deceiving). He's a tough mother."