Tuesday, June 3, 2008

got his game on

If you ever get the chance to sit in section 371, row 2, seat 17 at Busch to see a Cardinals game, decline. Don't do it. I don't care if it's free (or even if someone offers to pay you to sit there). You won't see any of left or center field (including the left and center fielders), and instead of watching the batter and the third base line, you'll be watching the left field foul pole, although you'll have a great shot of the home plate umpire and the ball/strike calls.
Yes, I sat there last night, and I have absolutely no doubt that my terrible seat and inability to follow the game had everything to do with the late innings meltdown that I heard about and watched replays of on the jumbo-tron (since I couldn't actually see). Regardless of the bad luck associated with my situation, though, this loss is totally on Tony. Even from my ridiculously pitiful vantage point, I could tell that Adam was tired and on the verge of giving up a big hit. So one would assume that Tony, from the far better position he was in, should have known. Now I'm sure that when Dave went out to the mound to talk to Wainwright, Adam told him that he was fine and could definitely get this last guy out, no problem. However, since when does Tony listen to the pitcher? Even Adam. For that matter, when does Dave?
Wainwright looked so good early. The offense had it turned on early. And I was definitely enjoying the game early (the blocked view and annoying neighbors notwithstanding). So I guess it wasn't a total loss. I still really enjoy going to games. The atmosphere, the food, the thrill of seeing my idols in person (if not quite so up-close). The next time I go, though, I'll see you on the first base line. No binoculars required.