Thursday, June 12, 2008

it's musical starting rotation!

Here's where it stands right now. But be ready if the music starts again, and grab your spot before someone else does!

Piñeiro (2-3)
8 GS
44 IP
4.50 ERA
K:BB 23:13
.273 BAA
The Cards are 4-4 in his starts.

Wellemeyer (7-1)
13 GS
80 IP
2.93 ERA
K:BB 62:25
.221 BAA
The Cards are 8-5 in his starts.

Lohse (7-2)
14 GS
80.1 IP
3.92 ERA
K:BB 37:19
.268 BAA
The Cards are 8-6 in his starts.

Boggs (1-0)
1 GS
5 IP
3.60 ERA
K:BB 0:3
.269 BAA
The Cards are 1-0 in his start.

Looper (8-5)
14 GS
83 IP
4.34 ERA
K:BB 39:21
.289 BAA
The Cards are 8-6 in his starts.

Tony apparently toyed with the idea of Kyle McClellan getting the start when Wainwright went on the DL, but wisely thought better of it. The St Louis native is far too valuable in the bullpen to waste him (and possibly even set him back) for one or two starts when he's doing so well where he is.
Oh, and the Post-Dispatch's Jeff Gordon made some good points about why now is the right time to give A-Rey another shot at starting. Have a gander here.
Sounds like Izzy may be days away from returning to his closer role. Derrick Goold reports that everything seems to be falling back into place for the veteran down in the minors, and he could possibly even be ready this weekend.