Saturday, June 28, 2008

let's try that again







He was available in the bullpen last night, but not used. Ron Villone pitched instead, and gave up 2 runs, effectively sealing our fate. But that's okay, and not just because the Cubs lost yesterday, too. 

KC is on some kind of tear through the National League. They've won 13 now. I hate interleague play. 

I feel bad for Piñeiro. He can't buy a win lately. Either he pitches well and the offense fails him, or he pitches like dirt and the offense fails him. Anyone else sensing a pattern here?
The only thing worse than our hit-or-miss offense, though, is our give-'em-up 'pen. And the latest bad news from our "bad news bullpen"? You guessed it, looks like Izzy is headed back to the DL. Said he felt something "pop" in his knee while pitching the other night. 

Dan mentioned during the last series that the bullpen owns HALF of our losses this season, and Bernie Miklasz says that we've lost 11 games in which we had 7th inning (or later) leads. Bernie (who is fast becoming my go-to for innovative suggestions regarding the team) would put Kyle McClellan in against lefties (until a better LOOGY can be found), and has little faith in Mulder's abilities in a relief position. All I know for sure is this: as a fan, it's depressing enough to watch the team lose, but it's even harder to watch the bullpen tear apart a hard-fought lead. I can live with a hard nine, just not a late inning collapse.