Monday, June 23, 2008

mmm, meaty

David Brown has a way of putting my thoughts into his articles. Time to break out the aluminum foil hat. Anyway, here's what he wrote about the series in Boston (which the Cardinals dominated):

"It figures that a Kennedy would make good in Massachusetts...."

"...add the '2008 Cardinals' to the list of things that could survive nuclear war."

"Mike Parisi did pretty well in relief, then the Cardinals lost about 12 guys so he had to start a couple of games, and ever since then he's become 'the guy Redbirds fans don't want to see come in because the game's about to end badly.' He's now 0-3 with an 8.06 ERA, and the Cards are 3-8 when he appears."

"Aaron Miles went 5-for-6. All singles. No runs, no RBI. Reached second base once. Weird!"