Friday, June 27, 2008

asg (the g is for "gag me")

I did my part. I have three e-mail addresses and I voted my 25 allowed times for each. As difficult as it was, I did not vote for Chris Duncan. I love him and would love to see him in the ASG, but he's just not playing like an all-star right now. So instead, I wrote-in Skip Schumaker.

I hope everyone out there in Cardinal Nation does his or her part as well. Honestly, I'd prefer not to see any of our guys wasted on the all-star sham (for two reasons, actually*), but by the same token, it's an honor for them to be selected. So until I can come up with the solution to this problem, I'll pretend it's just an award ceremony and hope to see some Redbirds representing the NL.

*Reason #1: they could possibly get hurt and then have to miss REAL games that count for their team; and reason #2: the ASG is the biggest load of horse-$@&% in the history of organized sports.