Tuesday, June 17, 2008

it's time for a change

Get this, the 2008 All-Star Game, scheduled to be played in July at Yankee Stadium, could very well feature an AL lineup straight from the Boston clubhouse. As it stands right now, the Red Sox lead in five of the seven categories (if you count the OF as one), with New York leading in the other two. That can't be good news for superstitious Yankees fans (or players, for that matter). 

1B-Youkilis-BOS (pronounced "you-kill-us" for Yankees fans) 
OF-1. Ramirez-BOS .....
       2. Hamilton-TEX .....
       3. Ichiro-SEA 

Now, I realize that the point is to compile a team of the best players with the best chance of winning, but are we really comfortable saying that Boston IS that team? Whatever. I'm still boycotting the game on principle. Here's how the NL team is shaping up (for anyone who cares): 

OF-1. Soriano-CHC .....
       2. Fukudome-CHC .....
       3. Griffey-CIN 

Lance Berkman is probably the only player who really deserves to be on the list, with the possible exception of Fukudome who has his moments in the field. 

The two that really jump out at me are Junior and Chipper. Each is really something at the plate, but has shown dreadfully average (if not below-average) defense this season. It drives me crazier than anything to watch players like them get voted to the game. 

Obviously it's not based on anything but offense, and it's really a shame for players who provide quality both at the plate and on the field. The fans that vote are obsessed with averages and home run totals. They overlook key factors like whether a player can actually catch the ball (Soriano) or run to first (Jones) or throw with any accuracy (Utley). 

The All-Star Game is a joke. I've said it before. If it were just an exhibition game played for fun, I would have no problem with it (besides the fact that players are getting hurt and pitchers are wasting a turn in their regular rotation to compete). The problem I DO have is that it carries this catch with it, that whichever league wins gets home-field advantage for their representative in the World Series. This turns it into a serious competition. It burdens us with the responsibility. Because the fact is, the players that play in the ASG may or may not be the best choices. 

Teams are not equally represented in the voting because there are 14 bazillion New Yorkers and only about 900 St Louisans (and the other teams are somewhere in the middle). So what I suggest is that either (1) the ASG should be JUST FOR FUN, and things can carry on as ususal, or (2) it should be a competition based NOT on what the idiotic fans decide, but rather on which players have the best numbers, both offensively and defensively, and in which each team is EQUALLY represented.