Friday, June 13, 2008

if you dream it . . .

I had a dream about Randy Flores last night. 

Seriously. I was driving home from St Louis and he was walking down the highway in the same direction. The odd part was that he was walking as fast as I was driving. 85 miles an hour or so. 

I wasn't surprised in my dream (it was a dream, after all) because as I told Randy, last year I saw Ryan Franklin doing the same thing. Of course Ryan was only walking 70. Boy, did he blow it last night. (In the game, not in my dream. It wasn't that kind of dream.) But I'm inclined to forgive him seeing as he usually does so well.


Piñeiro looked super, but only got to go five since it was his first start back from the DL. We still won the series, so all is not lost. The Cards come home tonight to host the Phillies and then the Royals before heading back on the road to Boston, Detroit, and Kansas City. 

Wellemeyer starts tonight after mising his last start with elbow inflammation. (Personally, I think he just didn't want to miss the Dave Matthews concert.) Oh, and it sounds like Izzy may get a chance to work an inning or two (most likely not a ninth inning save situation) in the upcoming series with KC. Yay! I miss you Izzy! 

Well, no matter how hard they try, the Cubs just can't catch a break. 

Oh wait. 

That's right, the Cubs are winning this year. So no matter how hard they try, the Cubs can't LOSE. Nobody swinging, trying to get a pitcher--any pitcher--to throw a strike so they could finally give one up in extra innings, and with the bases loaded, the batter gets hit by pitch. Jeez. Who do you have to know to get struck out? Maybe this whole hand thing with Fonzie will turn their luck around. Or maybe they'll just keep on winning through September and then embarrass the NL Central in October by getting swept in the DS.