Sunday, May 18, 2008

what's a hundred times better than 24?


Yea, Tony! Congratulations! 

He said it would have been better a week ago, and he's right, but we'll take it. 

Let's see, what else happened yesterday? 

Ludwick won the game with his second HR of the game

Albert hit his ninth homer (of the season) trying to keep up, but in the tenth inning Ryan said, "not today." 

Glaus added to his RBI total, now he's up to 28 (only Albert has more--29). 

The Cardinals only stranded FIVE in the whole game. 

Thanks to Yadi's rocket-launcher of an arm, the Redbirds caught 3 runners trying to steal, and Yadi picked off another who strayed a little too far from first. 

Despite the bullpen's best efforts (blowing a 5-run lead late in the game), the Cards were able to hold on and win it in extra innings. (I would mention that we're back in 2nd place in the Central, but it's early and the standings fluctuate so much that it's too much trouble to stay on top of them.... But we are.) 

Let's not kid ourselves folks, this game had to be won for the Cardinals. Before yesterday, they had lost 8 of 10, including two out of three against the Pirates at Busch--the first series they've lost at home. Maybe they can still win this series before they leave for the west coast for a couple of sets.