Friday, May 16, 2008

get well soon, Izzy

Isringhausen is on the DL with a "right hand laceration." 

I heard after he blew his last official save that he may or may not have hit or punched the televsion in Tony's office out of frustration. Can you blame him? And that was before this last terrible outing against the Bucs.

Chris Perez will be taking his spot on the 25-man roster, a righty with a pretty good fastball. The best part about bringing up a guy from the minors, though, is the fact that the opposition hasn't seen him in action. Oh sure, they've got tape, but with few to no exceptions they haven't faced him in person. His first appearance should be interesting, to say the least.

Addendum: Perez made his major league debut in the game tonight. He pitched the 7th in which he faced four batters (one got on after a hit/error off the glove of Pujols) and struck out one. If you believe Dan and Al, he was reaching 100mph with his fastball.