Saturday, May 24, 2008

.167 is the opposite of good

Primero, gracias a Dios para Andruw Jones. Le salvó a Franklin. 

And thank God for Joe Torre's decision to send Jones to the plate with a one-run deficit, runners at the corners, and two out in the bottom of the ninth. 

Was he smoking crack? I tell you what, if I were a Dodgers fan, I'd be seriously considering burning them both in effigy. However, I'm a Cardinals fan, and am considering making Joe an honorary Redbird. (And yes, I am aware that he used to play for St Louis.)

I've been reading some other blogs lately and feeling some hostility from people towards Adam Kennedy

Here are some of his numbers (thank you, Yahoo! Sports):

Yes, he's only hitting .244 overall, but... 
  • his average is .252 if you don't count his PH stats; 
  • he's hitting .345 at Busch; 
  • .400 with the bases loaded; 
  • .313 with runners in scoring position; 
  • .300 against NL Central teams; 
  • and .364 when he bats second in the line-up. 

He started the season well--through May 6 he was hitting .325--and may be in a bit of a slump right now--since May 7 he's hit .075--but I have faith he'll come out of it. 

He's no Andruw Jones, after all.