Sunday, May 11, 2008

give Izzy a break

So it was a good game and the Cards came back to win it in the 9th on a Ludwick base hit, but other things were brewing behind the scenes that kept my elation in check. 

You know it, I know it, LaRussa knows it. Izzy is not quite right lately. It's apparently nothing that he's aware of, unless he's just totally screwing with us, so is it mental? Is it something physical he doesn't feel? Is it the end of a great pitcher's career? 

I want to know what's wrong, I want someone to fix it, and I want Cardinal Nation behind Jason 100%. In 2006, the fans were less-than-supportive when he had his hip problem. The fact that he didn't tell the media (and hence, the fans) what the problem was did NOT help anyone understand, but that shouldn't matter. 

He is a good pitcher, he has worked hard for the team, he is an outstanding leader for the younger guys, and he is a fierce competitor that wants to help his team win. 

He wasn't blowing saves on purpose, and he sure wasn't giving it any less than he had. And that's not the case now, either. He needs our patience and our support, and he deserves nothing less. I, for one, wish him all the best and hope that he can get it figured out. For the team's sake as well as his own.