Tuesday, May 13, 2008

is it me, or is it me?

Okay, so thank god we're coming back home. Time for some of that selective memory we're so good at, and let's just focus on what's coming up. 

Three games against Pittsburgh (who have been on fire lately), and then three against the Rays (another team not to be taken lightly), and then we head to the West Coast for two series with the Padres and Dodgers. 

...Allright, so let's focus on what's after that. Three games with Houston, then four games with Pittsburgh, all at Busch. Somehow not even that makes me feel better. 

And on a side note, can someone please explain what is up with all the four-game sets this year? 

Let's be honest here, though... We've lost five of the last six, but we're still six games above .500 and only one game behind Chicago in the division standings. Things may not be perfect, but we're not falling apart at the seams, yet. Plus, it's still only mid-May. There's a lot of season left and a lot of games to play. 

I turned off the game last night. I admit it, I was disheartened. I love the Cardinals, but it's hard watching them lose, especially to a team like the Brewers (not that they're so bad, just not particularly good). Anyway, I'm watching the re-broadcast right now, and it's coming to the part where the wheels kind of fell off. 

I know Adam Kennedy did not just flip that ball into the stands. 

I think it's just my mind playing tricks on me. 

It didn't happen last night, so it can't be happening now, right? 

I must be having a stroke. 

Please let me be having a stroke. 

It's not a stroke, is it? 

Anyway, I'm watching because I read that Yadi and Tony got thrown out and I'm curious how that came about. As I watch, however, I'm wondering if it's worth it. 

I think this game might give me a stroke.