Thursday, May 15, 2008

what was he thinking?

First of all, I'm beginning to wonder if rain is bad luck for the Cardinals. 

Opening day, they were leading the Rockies 5-1, and the game was called after 3 innings. Then they lost the make-up game the next day. 

Friday, April 25, the game was delayed for two hours before the first pitch, and the Cardinals lost to the Astros. 

Last week in Milwaukee, even though they played with the roof closed, the weather outside was rainy and cold for the whole series--which the Cards lost. (Okay, I admit this one may be stretching it.) 

Tuesday they had a 27-minute rain delay before the game started, and lost to Pittsburgh in extra innings. 

Today it rained steadily throughout the entire game, and they gave up a 5-1 lead before eventually losing to the Pirates 11-5. 

Secondly, Glaus certainly seems to have found his stride. He went 2 for 3 on Sunday, drew 3 walks on Monday, hit his second home run of the season on Tuesday, had three hits yesterday, and got another three hits and an RBI today. 

Now on to my original point. 

The game situation: it's the top of the eighth at home and you have a one-run lead. 

The reliever situation: Your closer very recently asked to be removed from his duties because of his inability to locate pitches/get batters out/finish off innings/et cetera. You want him to get some work, but part of his problem earlier in the season seemed to be connected to having too much work. He just pitched yesterday and although he retired all three batters he faced, he didn't seem to have his best stuff (all three hit fly balls) and may have been saved by his outfielders. And I repeat, he just pitched yesterday. 

Which part of this scenario leads to the decision to send him out there? Was it the fact that he just pitched yesterday? Or maybe that HE JUST PITCHED YESTERDAY? In summation, I was completely un-shocked that Izzy gave up, what was it? FOUR runs before recording a single out, seeing as HE JUST PITCHED YESTERDAY. Did I mention that he just pitched yesterday? Right.