Friday, May 9, 2008

dismay away

Things are not going well for some former Cardinals out there in the world. 

Jim Edmonds was released by the Padres today after starting off the season with a .178 average and 6RBI. 

Matt Morris has hung up his cleats for good. He was released by the Pirates at the end of April after going 0-4 with a 9.67 ERA and recording only 9 strike-outs, and is now officially retired. 

David Eckstein is batting .246 for the Blue Jays and already has 6 errors in 30 games. (And he's probably headed for the DL with a hip injury.) 

Scott Rolen is actually doing pretty well--now that he's playing. He was out for the beginning of the season with that gruesome hand injury, and has only started 12 games, but is batting .311 and fielding 1.000 with no errors. 

Jeff Suppan (he of the high salary) has a 5.22 ERA and a 1-2 record, which may not sound SO bad except for the 11 runs on 11 hits he gave up in that incredible 19-5 loss to the Cubs. 

Oh, and Jeff Weaver has yet to find a job. Like that's such a surprise. He's lucky to have ever pitched at all.