Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Just so we're clear, I may have caused the terrible (terrible) 5th inning that Big-D had last night. Not that he's blameless, but my blog was a little bit critical of his performance in left field and so I take full responsibility for the errors. (I wonder if they could take them off his stats and add them to mine?) 

Well, anyway, it was a good game otherwise. Albert got the call that Yadi should have gotten, but as long as everything evens out, I'm usually happy. 

I gotta say, though, that umpire was ASLEEP when Yadi crossed the plate. How do you mess that up? And then on the very next controversial call (with the Rox at the plate) he was actually ARGUING with the 1B umpire, and neither one of them got it right in the end. 


So, I'm sorry to Duncan for my blog, and I'll try to not jinx him in the future.