Monday, May 5, 2008

just to clear things up

I KNEW Izzy could do it. I NEVER doubted. I never will. If you don't know that about me, you don't know me.
Molina WILL get a gold glove one of these years. (As soon as everyone gets their collective head out of their collective ass.) Last night was NOTHING compared to what he can do.
Chris Duncan is NOT the strongest left-fielder in the league. Hell, he's not even the strongest left-fielder on our team. What he is, is a decent left-fielder who is REALLY a first-baseman, and a HELL of a hitter (or at least that's the theory). If you don't see him in the line-up much in the near future, it's because he hasn't really been producing like Tony would like. Don't worry. He'll get it back. (On a side note: Duncan makes EVERY PLAY look like a circus performance. I love you, Dunc.)
Rick Ankiel may be sick of hearing about "The Rick Ankiel Story", but I am WAY sicker. And of all people, Joe Buck was getting in on it? Come ON.
I have to admit, and I've probably admitted this before (but it bears repeating), Adam Kennedy surprised the HELL out of me. Last year everyone kept saying, "Oh he's really not this bad... He was good when he played for Anaheim... He just needs to get into a groove...." et cetera. And now all of a sudden, I believe them. More salt with that crow, please.

P.S.--Happy Birthday Ba-Dunc-a-Dunc! Wow, 1981. I feel so old. On the plus side, I've always gotten along with Tauruses.